evidence 証拠

evidence / évədns


Based on DNA evidence, the wolf ancestors of modern dogs diverged from other wolves about 100,000 years ago.

in evidence 目立って、はっきり見えて、証拠[証人]として
on the evidence of ~を根拠[証拠]に
evidence one’s approval 賛意を明確にする
admit evidence 証拠として採用する
collect [gather] evidence 証拠を集める、証拠固めをする
give evidence 証言する
turn the King’s [Queen’s] evidence(英) / turn State’s evidence(米) 共犯者に不利な証言をする
evidence against ~に不利な証拠、~に対する反証
evidence based on ~に基づいた証拠
evidence for ~に対する証拠
evidence for the efficacy of ~の有効性に対する証明
evidence for the existence of ~が存在する証明
evidence obtained from ~から得られた証拠
evidence obtained from the crime scene 犯行現場から得られた証拠
evidence of ~の証拠、~の形跡、~の兆候
evidence of cancer 癌の兆候
evidence of a struggle 争った形跡
evidence photograph 証拠写真
evidence tampering 証拠の改竄
evidence to support ~を裏付ける証拠
circumstantial evidence 状況証拠
conclusive [solid, reliable] evidence 確証、確かな証拠
contrary evidence, counter-evidence 反証
decisive evidence 決定的証拠
direct evidence 直接的証拠
false evidence 偽証
hard evidence 動かぬ証拠
physical evidence 物的証拠、物証

語源 後期ラテン語 証拠 evidentia