appetite 食欲・欲望

appetite / ǽpətàit


A good appetite is the best sauce.

have a good [big] appetite 食欲旺盛である
have no appetite 食欲が無い
lose one’s appetite 食欲をなくす
whet one’s appetite ~の興味をそそる
appetite for ~への欲望
appetite for competition 競争心、競争への意欲
appetite for glory 名誉欲
appetite for knowledge 知識欲
appetite for learning 学習意欲
appetite for power 権力欲
appetite stimulant 食欲増進剤
appetite suppressant 食欲抑制剤
insatiable appetite for ~への飽くなき欲求
loss of appetite, poor appetite 食欲不振

語源 ラテン語 激しく求める appetere (ad- + petere「求める」)