approximately おおよそ・ほぼ

approximately / əpráksəmətli, əprɔ́ksəmətli


I have been a gigantic Rolling Stones fan since approximately the Spanish-American War.

※アメリカのユーモア作家、コラムニスト、ピューリッツアー賞受賞者 デイブ・バリーの言葉

at approximately 9:30 a.m. 午前9時半頃に
at approximately the same time ほぼ同時に
in approximately ~ minutes 約~分で
of approximately ~ months おおよそ~ヶ月間の、約~ヶ月分の
(be) approximately equal to ~にほぼ等しい
account for approximately two thirds of ~の約2/3を占める
increase at approximately 5% each year 毎年おおよそ5%増加する
approximately 10 kg 約10キログラム
approximately 100 meters 約100メートル
approximately 10% of ~の約10%
approximately half 約半分
approximately two thirds of ~の約2/3
approximately one in ~ people おおよそ~人に一人
approximately the same ほぼ同じ
Approximately how much [long, old, etc.] ~ だいたいどのくらい~?
Approximately how much money did you spend? だいたいどのくらいのお金を使ったの?

approximately-circular ほぼ円形の
approximately-constant ほぼ一定の
approximately-linear ほぼ直線の
approximately-parallel ほぼ平行の

語源 approximate + -ly