dispute 論争、論じる

dispute / dispjúːt


The negotiator is committed to finding a solution to this dispute.

beyond [past] (all) dispute (まったく)議論の余地のない、(絶対に)間違いない
without dispute 議論の余地のない、間違いない
in [under] dispute 論争中で[の]、未解決で[の]
dispute about [over] ~について論争する
dispute with A about [over] B AとBについて論じ合う
dispute one’s remark ~の発言に異議を唱える
dispute between labor and management 労使紛争
dispute resolution [settlement] 紛争の解決
border dispute 国境紛争
custody dispute 親権争い
family dispute 家庭争議
hot dispute 激論
internal dispute 国内紛争
international dispute 国際紛争
labor dispute 労働争議
territorial dispute 領土争い、領土紛争、縄張り争い

語源 ラテン語 話し合う disputare (dis- + putare「考える」)