prevention 防止・予防

prevention / privénʃən


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

※イギリスの法学者 ヘンリー・ブラクトンの言葉

for the prevention of ~を予防するための
prevention measures 防止策、予防策
prevention method 予防法
prevention of ~の防止、~の予防
prevention of accidents, accident prevention 事故防止
prevention of global warming 地球温暖化の防止
prevention of influenza インフルエンザの予防
prevention of periodontal disease 歯周病の予防
prevention of recurrence 再発防止
prevention training 予防訓練
abuse prevention 虐待防止
cancer prevention, prevention of cancer 癌の予防
cavity prevention 虫歯予防
corrosion [rust] prevention 腐食防止、さび止め
crime prevention, prevention of crime 防犯、犯罪防止
crime prevention buzzer (携帯用の)防犯ベル
crime prevention system 防犯システム
disaster prevention, prevention of disaster 防災、災害防止
disaster prevention activities 防災活動
disease prevention, prevention of disease 病気の予防
dust prevention 防塵
effective prevention of ~の効果的な予防
epidemic prevention, prevention of epidemics 防疫
fall prevention 落下防止、墜落防止
fire prevention, prevention of fire 防火、火災防止
Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 日本動物愛護協会
nuisance prevention ordinance 迷惑防止条例
obesity prevention 肥満の予防
terrorism prevention, prevention of terrorism テロ防止
Prevention is better than cure. 転ばぬ先の杖。※ことわざ

語源 ラテン語 予期、妨害 praeventionem ← ラテン語 ~の前に来る、予期する、妨害する praevenire (prae- + venire「来る」)