approval 賛成・承認

approval / əprúːvəl


The approval of the merger requires at least a two thirds majority vote.

on approval (商品などを)返品[試用]できる条件で
with the approval of ~の承認[賛成]を得て
without approval from ~からの承諾無しに
give approval 承認を与える
meet with one’s approval ~の承認[賛成]を得る
win [gain, obtain] approval 承認[賛成]を得る
approval and license 許認可
approval based on ~に基づいた承認
approval code (クレジットカードの)承認番号
approval date 承認日
approval rate [rating] 支持率
approval of the Diet 国会の承認
approval stamp 承認印
after approval 事後承認
automatic approval 自動承認
conditional approval 条件付賛成[承認]
self-approval 自画自賛
tacit approval 黙認、暗黙の了解

語源 approve 「賛成する」 + -al