department 部門・部局

department / dipáɚtmənt, dipáːtmənt


A great department store, easily reached, open at all hours, is more like a good museum of art than any of the museums we have yet established.

※アメリカの司書、図書館長、博物館長 ジョン・コットン・ダナの言葉
“museum of art” は美術館であるが、美術館は博物館の一種なので訳語は博物館で統一した。

in every department of one’s life 生活のあらゆる分野において
department store デパート、百貨店
cosmetics department 化粧品売り場
fire department 消防署、消防隊
Tokyo Fire Department 東京消防庁
food department 食品売り場
furniture department 家具売り場
toy department おもちゃ売り場

department head [chief, director, manager] 部長
department in charge 担当部署
department of general affairs 総務部
accounting department 経理部
advertising department 宣伝部
audit department 監査部
building department 建築部
financial department 財務部
intelligence department 情報部、諜報部
identification department 鑑識課
legal department 法務部
management [administrative] department 管理部
materials department 資材部
personnel department 人事部
public relations department 広報部
purchasing department 購買部
sales department 営業部

department of biology 生物学科
department of dentistry 歯学部
department of economics 経済学部
department of education 教育学部
department of English 英文学科
department of environmental engineering 環境工学科
department of history 史学科
department of music 音楽学部
department of literature 文学部
department of literature and science 文理学部
department of pharmacy 薬学部
department of philosophy 哲学科
department of physics 物理学部
department of politics and economics 政経学部
department of science 理学部
department of science and engineering 理工学部
department of engineering 工学部
medical department [school] 医学部
※※department [faculty] of 学問名、あるいは 学問名 department [faculty] というのが基本形である。学問名に関しては学問・学術の英語名にもまとめてあるのでそちらも見てもらいたい。

department of dermatology 皮膚科
department of gynecology and obstetrics 産婦人科
department of medicine 内科
department of neurology 神経科
department of neurosurgery 神経外科
department of ophthalmology 眼科
department of otorhinolaryngology 耳鼻咽喉科
department of pediatrics 小児科
department of plastic surgery 形成外科
department of psychosomatic medicine 心療内科
department of radiology 放射線科
department of surgery 外科
department of urology 泌尿器科

※米国の Department のつく省庁
Department of Agriculture 農務省
Department of Commerce 商務省
Department of Defense 国防総省
Department of Education 教育省
Department of Energy エネルギー省
Department of Health and Human Services 保健福祉省
Department of Homeland Security 国土安全保障省
Department of Housing and Urban Development 住宅都市開発省
Department of Justice 司法省
Department of Labor 労働省
Department of State 国務省
Department of Transportation 運輸省
Department of the Interior 内務省
Department of the Treasury 財務省
Department of Veterans Affairs 退役軍人省

※英国の Department のつく省庁
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 商業・技術革新・職業技能省
Department for Communities and Local Government 地方自治省
Department for Culture, Media and Sport 文化省
Department for Education 教育省
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 環境食糧農林省
Department for International Development 国際開発省
Department for Transport 運輸省
Department for Work and Pensions 雇用年金省
Department of Energy and Climate Change エネルギー・気候変動省
Department of Health 保健省


語源 後期ラテン語 分ける departire (de- + partire「分ける」)