income 収入

income / ínkʌm


She has an income of 100000 yen a week.

according to one’s income ~の所得[収入]に応じて
based on one’s income ~の所得[収入]に基づいて
additional income 副収入
after tax income 手取り収入、税引き後所得
before tax income 税込み所得
annual income 年収、年間収入
income tax 所得税
corporate income tax 法人所得税
casual income 臨時収入
deducting tax from income at source 源泉徴収
deduction from income 所得控除
disposable income 可処分所得
dual [double] income family 共働きの家庭
filing an income tax return 確定申告
gross national income 国民総所得、GNI
income and expenditure 収支
income differential [gap] 所得格差
income distribution 所得配分、所得分配