monthly 毎月の・月一回の

monthly / mʌ́nθli

毎月の、月一回の、月極の、一ヶ月有効の、毎月・月一回(副詞)、月刊誌、(一ヶ月有効の)定期券、(monthlies で)月経(口語)

Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures. And however un-dramatic the pursuit of peace, that pursuit must go on.

※第35代アメリカ合衆国大統領 ジョン・F・ケネディの言葉

at monthly intervals 一ヶ月毎に
in monthly installments 月賦で
on a monthly basis 一ヶ月単位で、月額で
monthly allowance 月々の手当て、一ヶ月の小遣い
monthly amount 一ヶ月の量、月額
monthly average temperature 月平均気温
monthly balance sheet 月次貸借対照表
monthly contract 月極契約
monthly cost [expenses] 月額費用
monthly fee [charge] 月額料金、月謝
monthly income [earnings] 月収
monthly magazine 月刊誌
monthly parking lot, monthly car park 月極駐車場
monthly pass (一ヶ月有効の)定期券
monthly salary [pay, wage] 月給
monthly premium 月額保険料
monthly rent (一ヶ月あたりの)家賃

biweekly 隔月の、月二回の
once-monthly 月一回の
twice-monthly, semimonthly 月二回の

語源 month + -ly