yearly 毎年の・年一回の

yearly / jíɚli


※yearly よりも、annual (形容詞)・annually (副詞) を使う方が一般的である。

But time strips our illusions of their hue, and one by one in turn, some grand mistake casts off its bright skin yearly like the snake.

※イギリスの詩人 ジョージ・ゴードン・バイロン “Don Juan / ドン・ジュアン (ドン・ファン)” より

yearly [annual] amount 一年の量、年額
yearly [annual] audit 年次監査
yearly [annual] average temperature 年間平均気温
yearly [annual] budget 年次予算、年度予算
yearly [annual] contract 年間契約
yearly [annual] event [function] 年中行事
yearly [annual] general meeting 年次総会、株主総会
yearly [annual] growth rings 年輪
yearly [annual] income [earnings] 年収
yearly [annual] plant 一年生植物
yearly [annual] salary [pay, wage] 年俸
yearly [annual] statement 年次報告書

数詞-yearly ~年に一回の
4-yearly 四年に一回の
biyearly 二年に一回の、年二回の
once-yearly 年一回の
half-yearly, twice-yearly, semiyearly 半年に一度の、年二回の

語源 year + -ly