reinforce 補強する・増強する

reinforce / rìːinfɔ́ːs


I think all students start off with incredible ability and curiosity, and if they’re given the opportunity to pursue that, if they’re given a chance to see the neat things about the world in terms that they can appreciate and enjoy, that their abilities will be reinforced and that we’ll really achieve so much more potential out of the great students we have than we do today.

※アメリカの実業家、マイクロソフト社の共同創業者 ビル・ゲイツの言葉

reinforce A as Aが~であるという認識を強める
reinforce A with Aを~で補強する
reinforce the relationship with ~との関係を強化する
reinforce the feeling [sense] of ~という気持ちを強める
reinforce one’s defenses 防御を固める
(be) reinforced by ~によって補強される
reinforced concrete 鉄筋コンクリート
reinforced glass 強化ガラス
reinforced plastic 強化プラスチック

語源 re- + enforce